Fiber to Fiber Optic Switch

The Fiber to Fiber Optic Switch (FFS) is built as a stand-alone unit sealed with a beam dump. With the FFS, one laser source can be time or energy shared between several fiber optic cables. The FFS has one fiber input and up to four fiber outputs. This opens up for flexible and cost-effective use of your laser source. The FFS is safety certified by DGUV.

This product is compatible with: QB, QD and Q5 fiber optic cables.


  • Time or energy share
  • Up to four fiber outputs
  • Fast Fiber Break Detection (FFBD)
  • Control and Safety Electronics
  • Safety certified by DGUV
  • Water-cooled unit

Tech spec

Max. power (CW)  8 kW
Magnification   0.6, 1.0 and 1.2 
Max. NA  0.12 - 0.14
Optics material  Synthetic fused silica

For more information - ask for the manual!

160323 DGUV ET15033



FFS ny dumper
Fiber to Fiber Optic Swich sealed with a beam dump (2-way).
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