QD Fiber Optic Cable

The new generation of the QD fiber optic cable come with a more compact design, a new yellow outer hose, integrated intelligence for a safe performance. The QD fiber connector still fulfills the European Automotive Industry standard interface.


Tech spec

Lasers Fiber lasers, Nd:YAG, Diode lasers, Green lasers
Dimensions SM-1000 µm
Lengths 5-200 m
Numerical aperture 0.20
Mean power 20 kW (@1030-1090nm), 10 kW (@780-1100nm)
Peak power
(@1064 nm)

10 kW at 10 ms pulse length
50 kW at 1 ms pulse length
1 MW at 50 ns pulse length

Fiber losses < 3%, typically 1%
Power loss capability
(in the connector)
2 kW for 10 s
1 kW for 10 min
0.5 kW continuously
Compatible interface Trumpf LLK-D, Highyag LLK-Auto, IPG LCA

For more information - ask for the manual!

Produktbild QD 2015
The new QD fiber connector with integrated intelligence.
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