Providing a collimated laser beam output. With a compact, air-cooled and robust connector design the QCR fiber cable is developed for use also in robotic applications. The QCR interface fits to standard clamping adapters. Built with standard or customized optical fiber. Pigtail for direct splice onto fiber laser.


  • Quartz block 
  • Mode stripper
  • Ability for robot applications
  • Synthetic fused silica optics
  • Safety interlock
  • Collimated output beam
  • One pigtail end for splicing
  • Beam expander telescopes available

Tech spec

Lasers Fiber lasers
Dimensions SM-300 µm
Lengths 1-20 m
Max. beam diameter (1/e²) 8 mm (single-mode)
10 mm (multi-mode)
Mean power 750 W
Peak power Max. 2.5 kW at 10 ms PL
Max. 12.5 kW at 1 ms PL
Max. 250 kW at 50 ns PL
Fiber losses < 3%, typically 1%
Compatible interface Ø30 mm

For more information - ask for the manual!

Produktbild QCR 2015
The QCR is a robust, air-cooled and compact fiber optic cable with an integrated collimating lens.
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